Making an engine out of blocks

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to create and explore virtual worlds made of blocks. With its infinite possibilities, it has become a platform for many different types of games and simulations, including educational ones. One such simulation game is CarCraft, a Minecraft game that teaches young car mechanics about the inner workings of a car.

The idea for CarCraft came from a group of educators who were looking for a way to instruct students about the inner workings of cars. They wanted to create an immersive and engaging experience that would transport players to a unique setting. Thus, the game takes place in a huge, abandoned factory in the city of Kython, with the gameplay happening on the 13th floor of the factory. The team realized that Minecraft’s open-world gameplay and building mechanics could be a great tool for creating a simulation game that could be used in classrooms or by individuals.

The team behind CarCraft wanted to make sure that the game was not only engaging and informative but also took full advantage of Minecraft’s capabilities. They researched the key concepts of car mechanics and designed a curriculum that would be integrated into the gameplay. The curriculum included ten different challenges that required players to utilize various aspects of the Minecraft engine such as NPCs (Non-Player Characters), redstone mechanics, and personalized 3D models. These challenges were designed to teach players about the four-stroke engine, the transmission system, the suspension system, and other key concepts of car mechanics. The team also made sure that the game was fun and interactive by incorporating puzzles and obstacles that players would need to overcome to progress through the game. The result was an immersive and educational experience that not only taught players about car mechanics but also highlighted the full potential of Minecraft as a teaching tool.

The team then worked on creating 3D models of the different car parts and systems that would be used in the game. The main software that was used for the creation of the models was Blockbench, however additional software like Photoshop was utilized to edit the textures of the models. The models had to be detailed and accurate to ensure that players would be able to learn about the inner workings of cars.

Once the 3D models were created, it was time to start building the game in Minecraft. This involved creating the infrastructure and integrating the instructional design into the gameplay. The team had to make sure that the game was both fun and informative, so they focused on creating puzzles and challenges that would help players learn about car mechanics.

 To make the game even more engaging, the team behind CarCraft decided to add mods to the game. These mods allowed players to customize their cars and add new features to the game. Some of the mods that were added included a custom paint job mod, a turbocharger mod, and a nitrous oxide mod. These mods added an extra layer of complexity to the game and made it even more enjoyable for players.

 Finally, the team tested the game to ensure that it was working as intended. They also piloted the game in classrooms to get feedback from teachers and students. This feedback helped them adjust the game and improve its overall effectiveness as an educational tool.

Creating CarCraft was not without its struggles. One of the main challenges was the lack of documentation available for Minecraft: Education Edition, the version of Minecraft specifically designed for classroom use. The team had to spend a considerable amount of time experimenting and testing different features to understand how to make the game work within the parameters of the education edition. Additionally, the team faced technical difficulties with the 3D modelling and modding aspects of the game. It took time and effort to create accurate and detailed 3D models of the different car parts and systems, and the modding process required a lot of trial and error. Despite these challenges, the team persevered and was able to create a successful educational game that has been used in classrooms and by individuals to learn about car mechanics in an engaging and immersive way.

In conclusion, CarCraft is a Minecraft simulation game that teaches players about car mechanics. The game was created through a process that involved conceptualization, instructional design, 3D modelling, Minecraft building, modding, testing, and piloting. It’s an engaging and informative game that can be used in classrooms or by individuals to learn about the inner workings of cars.

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