A Minecraft simulation game for car mechanics

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Build, prepare, repair and challenge yourself with mine-cars

A Minecraft mod for VET students, VET teachers and VET schools.

Wait, what is Carcraft?

Carcraft is an educational simulation game based on Minecraft where automotive mechanic students will overcome challenges proposed by the game and their teacher.

So, if I’m a VET student…

You’ll face car tuning challenges specially designed for automotive mechanics. You’ll have to identify problems, build your own top-notch square-car and prevent every and all possible disasters gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge for your studies.

And if I’m a VET teacher…

Let Carcraft turn your classroom into an interactive joyful experience taking advantage of our innovative digital tools. Engage the students and help them put theory into practice, even virtually through a gaming experience.

Carcraft has you covered

We have prepared lesson plans and a game manual to help and guide you through the tools. You can also attend our learning activities and workshops to get a first hands-on experience with the game!

By the way, we forgot to share this before, but

Carcraft is completely free for everyone!

We are committed with increasing digital education quality without boundaries.


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The Carcraft Erasmus+ project is an innovative pedagogical tool, a simulation educational game based on Minecraft for VET automotive mechanic students.

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